Frank Gambale. Guitar DVD. Keep those chops in shape! This intense routine Frank Gambale: Chop Builder. Frank Gambale Guitar DVD Item: Frank Gambale’s Chop Builder is one of the best instructional videos for the guitar. The video contains exercises in alternate picking, scales. Shop and save on the Frank Gambale Chop Builder DVD at Woodwind & Brasswind.

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Frank Gambale — Chop Builder : DVD

It looks like he misses the last down pick, and also makes a rather shifty and unnatural movement with the left hand. Franz Liszt Franz Liszt.

Is that Paul Gilbert on the left in the first one? Comment manipulation edits made to conceal behavior is strictly prohibited. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. AdjiApr 27, But, even knowing which notes Frank is playin gand exactly where he is playing them, I can’t figure out a workable fingering for this exercise.

Frank Gambale — Chop Builder: It isn’t possible – just look at the video, some scenes are filmed at night, some frank gambale chop builder the day – FRANK can’t play this from start to finish. If you click through to Youtube you can find that the frank gambale chop builder, that uploaded this, has also uploaded scans of the included tab booklet!

Frank Gambale Chop Builder DVD – WWBW

Regarding Frank’s Chop Builder: Just a link does not help the cause. How do you get through the 6ths exercise? It’s novelty helps it stand apart from the rest, gammbale the production value is high. Someone definitely needs to do an intense analysis. I’ve been messing around with this material for years and frank gambale chop builder finding out little things like this. Want to add to the discussion?

That mullet is so bad-ass. Frank gambale chop builder have chosen to ignore the gmabale players, though fine musicians they are may be. The best thing though is the lycra-clad lovelies in the background, and the 2 other guys that sit behind Frank’s hairy shoulders. Harmonic Colours for Bass David C. My theory here is this clip missed the cutting room floor and made it into the tape, and thus the transcription as well. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Ukulele Chord Dictionary Morton Manus.

For those of you who own the DVD, can you answer a fingering question? Hal Leonard Frank gambale chop builder Corporation.

Frank Gambale – Chop Builder

Troy Nelson Troy Nelson. Dec 12, Messages: I was hoping to gain some insight into frank gambale chop builder fingerings cgop well. Frank Gambale’s Chop Builder is one of the best instructional videos for the guitar. However, how anyone could possibly forget Franks dress sense is beyond me.

Frank Gambale: Chop Builder: Guitar DVD: Frank Gambale

I’ve also asked someone for the string and fret numbers from the accompanying TAB booklet. Hal Leonard Bass Method D.

If it’s the later, you are in the wrong place. Frank Gambale — Modes Frank Gambale. Heh, the most awesome Frank Gambale!