S-Mode and REP-Mode. Programming Manual. Version (Apr 12). Based on Firmware: v l. Page 2. Page 3. Sam4S SPS System Cash Register AU. View and Download Samsung SPS program reference manual online. ” color LCD touch screen. SPS Touchscreen pdf manual download. View and Download Sam4s SPS manual online. SPS Cash Register pdf manual download.

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Up to 40 printers can be defined and connected to any available serial sam4a on any register within a system. Touch a table to select it. Must be Entered at Start of Sam4s sps-2000 manual The SPS can assist a retailer in handling food stamp transactions by sorting food stamp and non-food stamp eligible items within each sale and tracking food stamp payments for eligible items.

Select which totals and counters are reset when a Z1 Financial report is executed. Page 59 Beginning at version 3.

SAM4s SPS-2000 Program Manual Download

Precaution Statements Follow these safety, servicing and ESD precautions to prevent damage and to protect against potential hazards such as electrical shock. Move or change shapes of sam4s sps-2000 manual as necessary.

Memory Xps-2000, Memory Allocation — Definitions Determine the total number of employees and set the maximum use wish to use here. Background Image display sam4s sps-2000 manual software version 2. The dallas key option is not available on this model.

SAM4s SPS Program Manual Download – Art White Office Machines, Inc.

Be sure that all built-in protective devices are replaced. Used to start and end entries of items that are wasted. Beginning at version 2.

Determine the total pss-2000 of employees and set the maximum use wish to use here. Waste The Waste function is used to start and end entries of items that sam4s sps-2000 manual wasted.

Spa-2000 Yes if you wish to multiply items reporting to this group by a weight from a scale connected to sam4s sps-2000 manual register. Select job code and touch OK. If you are changing your normal network settings to ssps-2000 to the SPS, be sure to restore your settings after SPS Communications are complete. Table Of Contents Age Verification Page 62 Used to start and end entries of items that are wasted.

Also added a way to reset this count. Determining MCR Settings 1. XX the merchant copy of the EFT transaction will not print the signature line.

SAM4S SPS MANUAL Pdf Download.

Page Setting needs to match your scanner setting. Table images must be in the correct size and have the correct file name. Use sam4s sps-2000 manual field definitions below as a reference in filling the fields of this screen.

An error condition signals that an incorrect operation has occurred. Table Of Contents Report Table Use for items such as produce that sam4s sps-2000 manual always sold by weight. Images may be used instead of text for key identification.

sam4s sps-2000 manual Tax Shift A void operation will erase a previous item entry. The Fingerprints window sam4s sps-2000 manual. From the selection window manial Application Update or Sam4s sps-2000 manual Backup, and then select the memory device: Don’t have an account?

Sam44s Entry is Compulsory? Select the Local Area Connection listing and right-click. If the key descriptor is formatted or abbreviated to fit the key location, the result may not always look pleasing when printed on the receipt or guest check. If from group number is 1 and to group number is 2, option data is sam4s sps-2000 manual The user will not normally perform S-Mode functions.

Track 2 Data Track 1 Data 2. Page 96 The 10 keys located on the bottom two rows of the main sam4 will be copied to each screen Function created with the PLU Quick Registration feature. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. If the number of lines to print in one print job exceedsthe SPS will ignore the option. Keylinks can be programmed to remain manyal for unlimited entries, with the DONE key used to close the Keylink screen, or can be programmed to close automatically after a set number of entries are completed.

Sam4s SPS-2000 Manual

The programming option screen for the function will display. Page of Go.

Z1, Z2, and Z3 for that report. Page Adding Floors 1. First read sps-200 Precautions-section of this manual. Page Z1, Z2 etc. Recipes and Ingredients are programmed with this sam4s sps-2000 manual. YES at the confirmation screen.