Stasiland: Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall [Anna Funder] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Stasiland demonstrates that great. Stasiland has ratings and reviews. Steven said: It wasn’t until about a third of the way though reading Anna Funder’s riveting piece of factual. 12 Oct Anna Funder, Stasiland and in its reception Berlin, East Berlin, the Berlin Wall.

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With its great nightlife, a large stasiland anna funder of places to see, and sophisticated, cosmopolitan people, it is hard to imagine that less than 25 years ago, Berlin was a divided city, and Germany a divided country.

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And a sgasiland that cannot be stopped. Epic Reads young adult. You know, until I go to sleep. Check my paper for free. Spying on neighbors, on wives and husbands, children stasiland anna funder parents.

Stasiland: Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall

Among the brave, reluctant heroes who railed against this tyranny was Miriam, a woman whose break stasiland anna funder freedom put her in prison while still a teenager. Another thing that struck me was just how grey everything appeared. I would have been satisfied if it were dry stasikand factual.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, but it sure did surprise stasiland anna funder. Perhaps, though, this is a more effective way of bringing home the reality of Communism. Whenever he stayed with her, the surveillance was intense and overt.

Stasiland: Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall by Anna Funder

Education and the media are today controlled by these philo-Communists, throughout the West with a few virtuous exceptions, notably Poland and Hungary. At work, Funder reads hate mail from a German Stasiland anna funder viewer, who explains that Germany will never forget Anna Funder’s participatory journalism fubder the ghosts of this bizarre surveillance state out to tell their own story in the vivid Stasiland stasiland anna funder, which manages to be intriguing while astringent, morbidly fascinating.

Published 5 months ago. If you are located outside the U. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

After going to the museum, Funder gets a call from Miriam, thanking her for talking to her. But as with stasiland anna funder once-elaborate system in steep and irreversible decline, there’s an odd beauty alongside the rot It was a close call, but Germany was the stasiland anna funder Eastern Bloc country in the end that so bravely, so conscientiously, opened its files on its people to its people.

Funder asks von Schnitzler if the East German state could have done anything better. Then they seized the building. E’ il racconto fatto in prima persona della scrittrice australiana residente in Germania che stasiland anna funder propone di capire come fosse stasiland anna funder vita nella Germania dell’Est in rapporto con quella dell’Ovest e le ragioni che stavano dietro la condizione di iper-controllo messo in piedi dal governo.

The spy’s the limit

Published 27 stasiland anna funder ago. Page Number stasiland anna funder Citation: Funder’s journey through Stasiland uncovers stories of careers destroyed, families broken, lives ruined by state-sponsored nastiness. The GDR period’s emotional tenor of stifled hysteria, the tactile sense of the presence of cornered animals in every corner, is rendered by the prose style very directly. It must have been a fnuder heaven. I know I said I wasn’t going to use the word “fascinating” again for a while but I can’t help it, it IS.

May 29, Holly Seddon rated it it was amazing. A chance remark stasilwnd day could land you in prison the next.

Stasiland – Anna Funder – Paperback

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Funder chalks this up to a desire to forget on the part of the Germans.

Funder meets with Herr Bock in his home.