Misschien wisten zij alles (Dutch Edition) – Kindle edition by Toon Tellegen. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Toon Tellegen has been writing his philosophical animal stories since , each chunky anthology Misschien wisten zij alles (Maybe They Knew Everything. According to the index in Toon Tellegen’s collected animal stories Misschien wisten zij alles (Perhaps They Knew Everything), there are animals living in the.

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Illustrated by Mance Post. Luckily, the letter has seen justice done in a new collection of animal stories, with beautiful and poignant illustrations tellegen Mance Post and the unmistakably Tellegenesque title Brieven aan niemand anders Letters to Anyone and Everyone. Irene Verhiel, De Limburger.

Iedereen was er With the questions raised by these contrasts, the animals, like children, disturb our adult reality, making all of our certainties vanish and opening up infinite possibilities. Iedereen was er Everyone Was There features seven collections of animal stories from the past decade. Brieven aan niemand anders They tell of Squirrel, Ant, Elephant and all their fellow creatures, whose lives glide along, apparently without meaning, in an impossible biotope: The author is a past master at simply and beautifully describing thoughts that are frivolous and profound in toon tellegen misschien wisten zij alles.

Publications Dutch and Flemish Inspiration.

However, his extensive oeuvre also includes…. Everything and everyone lives together in harmony. Toon Tellegen is an inventive and alled sensitive writer, with a very individual tone and beautiful use of language. Everything is possible and there are no obligations.

Authors and translators Books. As the squirrel says, we are never the masters of our thoughts — they just do what they want, as though toon tellegen misschien wisten zij alles do not exist.

In fact, the letter and the cake also deserve an entry in the index, because their role is much more essential than that of the gnu or the sandfly, who actually could have been replaced by any other animal. The squirrel, the ant, and the elephant crop up so frequently that it would be impossible to list all the page numbers.

Toon Tellegen and Mance Post Everyone was there.

Book – Everyone was there – Letterenfonds

Hanneke de Klerck, de Volkskrant. Illustrations Mance Post Age: Toon Tellegen has been writing his philosophical animal stories sinceeach about two pages long and unique in their kind: Details Brieven aan niemand anders His aloes appear to be the hedgehog, the frog, the cricket, and the beetle.

The human outlines of the letter become visible already on the second page, when the squirrel dresses his epistle to the ant in a jacket and tie before sending it off into the snow on its way to its destination. Happily, the author has bestowed both of these qualities on his animals.

Misschien Wisten Zij Alles

However, his extensive oeuvre also misschin. More tales about the squirrel and other animals. Read them, talk about them, as much as possible, read them aloud slowly and then again and, after that, be silent.

He gives words a chance to unfold their wings, they put on a warm coat and go off to see the world. There are letters in all shapes and sizes.

Misschien Wisten Zij Alles – Mediamatic

Details Iedereen was er Authors and translators Books. No one else can write these sentences! Toon Tellegen is the great liberator of words. Sample translation English PDF document.