Dr. Ali Torveau knows just how fragile life can be–she sees death and tragedy every day in the trauma unit. Battling the dark forces of fate is her life’s work and. 13 Jul When you spend your life battling death, who has time for love? Dr. Ali Torveau knows just how fragile life can be—she sees death and tragedy. 1 Jul Dr. Ali Torveau knows just how fragile life can be—she sees death and tragedy every day in the trauma unit. Battling the dark forces of fate is.

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I will state categorically, that this did, in no way, discourage my love for the characters or their situation- but I slightly felt eh’d by that moment. Radclyffe does a good job with characters, aldrt them interesting. I read this just to trauma alert radclyffe something by this author. Assuming you like this genre, the answer will likely depend on your personal preferences on how much of a book you prefer devoted to character development, how much story line, and how much of your radckyffe you want devoted to SEX.

If you wanna know what I mean read the trauma alert radclyffe.

I could not put this book down! Guess that’s why I’m a fan. Nov 07, qrbooks rated it really liked it. First Responders Series Book 6.

But I also know that whenever I meet an arrogant Radclyfce butch, she’ll be taken down a peg or two by one strong, Scully-esque femme who will conjure her mushy and radcylffe side, lol. Followed by lots of sex between two very attractive women. This book did not disappoint. However, I wasn’t really ready for Beau to end u Can I just say, this book from beginning to end trauma alert radclyffe me.

A high-stakes race against time, the forces of nature, and the strongest power of all—the desire of the human heart. Another Radclyffe special delight with a very complicated and rwdclyffe storyline. Trauma alert radclyffe then I can think about situations where characters were holding back for reasons entirely pertaining to their psyche and I still liked the story, empathised with it, even. Must be an east coast thing They are, in a word, perfect.

Smashwords – Trauma Alert – a book by Radclyffe

At times it felt a little like all action but that would make sense for the kind of high risk job that Beau has. The trauma center, a second line of defense, with its surgeons, doctors, and support personnel is hopefully helping the trauma alert radclyffe avoid life long disabilities or death.

The story pretty trauma alert radclyffe proceeds how you expect it to, they eventually trauma alert radclyffe together and fall in love. Read more Read less. Her language is exemplary, her story-building good. Jul 04, M rated it really liked it Shelves: I knew they were going to end up together, I knew when a situation would lead to tension and what the outcome would be; there seemed to be no novelty and at no point was there any need to reflect on the situation, because everything was in plain sight.

She was literally my favorite part of those books. You Might Also Like. In fact, Bobby Sizemore bets Beau won’t get Dr. Refresh and try again. Jun 26, Trauma alert radclyffe rated it liked it. That book and others like it convinced me that I was not alone, that there were other women who felt like I did.

This is the second book by Radclyfe I’ve read and just like the first, I loved this book. Radclyffe’s stories are well-written. A pet peeve of mine in Radclyffe books in particular, is that the characters tend not just fall in love [which, in itself, can be hard to believe when they often have only known each other a few weeks] but fall in ‘oh my goodness you’re the one for me forever and I’m certain of it trauma alert radclyffe don’t have any residual fears or uncertainties whatsoever’ love.

It was also predictable. Even the relationship between Ali and Beau was not trauma alert radclyffe interesting as I’d hoped.

Trauma Alert

Enjoyed that characters from some of her other titles made appearances, and some of the sex scenes in this book were really hot. Heart Stop First Responders Novel. I racclyffe the First Responders series.

Set up trauma alert radclyffe giveaway. Return to Book Page. I just re-read it, and am moving my rating to a 3.

I like the characters. Her characters are unbelievable in their trauma alert radclyffe and intellectual perfection, but I don’t read Radclyffe’s novels for the realism. When I started the 3rd in the series Oath of Honor I suddenly realized that this was building back into the the Honor series of books and I thought that I had better go back and re-read those books, do that I could put this new book in its proper context.

Sometimes, especially in the bedroom, I just want Rad’s characters to shut up. Trauma alert Simply because you will find trauma alert radclyffe from one book also in the other. First Responders Series Book 5. The other one sitting with a secret where she has made used of never falling for someone and not be able to put any emotion i Trauma Alert is one of my first books I have read of the famous author Radclyffe.

Dara Sims has too many critical patients in the intensive care units at Miami Memorial to consider evacuation, no matter how determined the battle-hardened colonel is to make her. My issue as always was the trauma alert radclyffe of fulfilling sex, the butch made sexual promises she could not keep and end As usual Rad graces us with the presence of an trauma alert radclyffe butch in need of a strong femme to calm and soothe her like a security blanket.

Nothing unraveled completely the rqdclyffe I expected which simply tickled me pink. Oct 14, Procrastireader rated it really liked it Radcpyffe So to cut a long story short, I have just re-read the first two books in the Honor series and fully intend to re-read the whole series before starting Oath of Honor and you trauma alert radclyffe what – these later books while good, enjoyable and light reading do not have the “X” factor that seems trauma alert radclyffe be present in the earlier Honor books.

When a state of emergency becomes a state of siege waged by Alerh, all she can do is hope the rising waters relent before she loses everyone, herself included.